8 Ways E-Learning can Benefit your Business

26 August 2020
Benefits of e-learning

E-learning is not a new concept. In fact, it’s become increasingly more popular over the last decade, even before COVID-19 changed the way we all live and do business.

This article is about the advantages of e-learning and how investing in online training can benefit your organisation during these challenging times.

In this uncertain post-lockdown period, increasing numbers of organisations around the world were making e-learning their primary method of training delivery and this trend looks as if it will continue.

E-learning, online training and webinars are now the delivery methods of choice when it comes to staff training across many different industries.

What does this mean for the security industry?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a sharp rise in online fraud, phishing and other scams. Amidst the ongoing global health crisis, there have also been a series of protests – businesses and individuals in some areas no longer feel safe.

Safety is the key message of 2020 – stay safe. It’s been repeated so many times it’s almost lost meaning. Safety is at the heart of the security industry; protecting people from harm, preventing theft and other damage is incredibly important as the world transitions into ‘the new normal‘.

Whether you are new to the security industry or you’re a seasoned professional, you and your team will need relevant, up-to-date skills and training in order to meet your goals.

If you’re looking to incorporate a modern method to deliver training, e-learning as a solution has many advantages that benefit your company and its staff.

Here are 8 different ways that e-learning can benefit your business:

1. E-Learning Improves Staff Performance and Productivity

Ambitious team members always want to develop their professional skills, but traditional classroom-based training is time-consuming. It requires staff to take extended periods of time away from their duties, usually travelling a considerable distance to attend.

E-learning takes less time to set up, both for employers, training providers and staff. So, an individual could enrol on a course and get started straight away.

Learners can participate in training from their home or regular workplace, without having to take extended time away from their post. Learning in this manner is less disruptive to routines and workflows, which encourages staff to be more productive in the long-term.

2. E-Learning Improves Learner Retention

Using modern content and technology, e-learning allows trainers and course creators to use fun, engaging and interactive methods to keep learners engaged.

Courses are therefore more memorable and learners retain a higher amount of information when courses are delivered in intriguing ways. This could be mean interactive videos, polls, Q&As, or quizzes.

Modern consumers are so familiar with staring at screens, YouTube is often the go-to place for quick tutorials, so it’s natural that using these methods in the workplace are more engaging for employees.

3. E-Learning is Cost Effective and Efficient

Online training reduces many costs associated with traditional classroom training courses. There’s no need to hire venues, book rooms, arrange travel, catering or printing.

Online course materials are produced and shared digitally, which is considerably less expensive than producing physical copies. Besides, physical copies of documents become quickly outdated and need to be reproduced, whereas digital training materials are much easier to keep fresh.

The cost savings of e-learning are multi-faceted and wide-reaching. With overheads reduced, you’re also saving organisational time as well as staff time, plus the reduction in travel has less of an environmental impact.

4. Online learning boosts skills across different topics

Completing an online training course will teach you and your team the necessary skills in order to get ahead within your industry.

Often, when looking for courses, it can be difficult to find an appropriate course in your locality. Whereas online, there are a wider range of courses online that you can join remotely, without having to travel to inconvenient locations.

There are no geographical barriers to worry about as there are security training experts around the country who share their expertise via our webinars.

5. Convenient, stress-free access to information

By choosing to learn online, you won’t need to negotiate public transport or end up stuck in traffic on the way to the course. Providing that you have access to a computer or tablet with a reliable internet connection – you’re good to go!

If your team can complete courses from home, they have the added benefit of learning in their own environment. In the case of pre-recorded courses, this also means people can learn at their own pace.

For some learners, attending a classroom-based session can be stressful and counterintuitively difficult to learn. Plus, there’s the additional hassle of travelling to and from the training venue, which could mean a long journey. By choosing an online security training course, you can learn from the comfort of your own home!

Travelling to classroom-based courses is an additional expense that’s eliminated by opting to learn online. By learning from home, you have the ultimate flexibility to progress your career without sacrificing extra time.

6. E-Learning is more accessible

Online courses facilitate a more accessible and inclusive learning environment for everyone. Traditional learning environments can sometimes pose serious obstacles for someone with a disability or sensory impairment. Modern technology overcomes this by presenting information in an accessible format.

Whether consciously or not, traditional training within your organisation may be a source of stress for your employees. Offering e-learning removes part of that stress.

7. Access to an exclusive mentor

By choosing to learn with ASTA Training, you’ll have access to a dedicated mentor throughout your learning journey. Once you enrol on one of our training courses then you will automatically be enrolled in the ASTA Mentor program for 12 months free of charge, you then have the option to continue your membership the following year.

Your mentor is your personal contact throughout your learning and career progression journey with us. They will support your professional development  and offer continuous support and guidance.

Find out more about the ASTA Mentorship Service

8. Stay up to date in the ever-Changing World

Regular training is important for any organisation to stay ahead of industry trends and current regulations. E-learning can keep you informed on the more relevant events, legislation, and emerging information that you need to know about.

We understand the need for specific security and awareness training for organisations in order to better prepare their staff for the modern world.

Our courses such as Travel Security, Terrorism Awareness and Lone Worker Protection are kept up-to-date to contain the most recent, relevant and useful information.


  1. E-Learning, online training and webinars have many benefits to both organisations and individuals.
  2. It improves staff performance and productivity at work
  3. Improve learner retention by offering e-learning to employees
  4. Save money, time and resources
  5. Access a variety of courses and topics
  6. Learners can learn at their own pace in their own comfortable environment
  7. Better accessibility for learners with disabilities, social difficulties or sensory impairment
  8. Exclusive ASTA Mentor access upon registration for an ASTA Training course
  9. Stay up-to-date in the ever changing world

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