Branded Content

Your Organisation. Your Brand. Our Expertise.

We understand that more organisations now have learning and development departments or have a person responsible for this business area. We also understand that many organisations do not have the security knowledge or experience to deliver effective security based training to their staff.

We have the experience, skill and knowledge to deliver security-related training and have been providing such training for over 25 years. We also have a library of courses dedicated to increasing knowledge and building security awareness across your organisation.

We can rebrand our security e-learning content to match the needs of any organisation, this includes:

Content can be packaged and files sent to you securely to be housed on your own Learning Management System (LMS). Alternatively, we can deliver the branded content using our Learning Management System.

Choose the content of interest.

We design and brand the content to suit.

Your branded content can be delivered to your staff.

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