How to prepare for the Certified Security Analyst exam?

25 February 2020
Certified Security Analyst

The EC-Council’s Certified Security Analyst certification is a must for those who are looking to advance in the penetration tester field. It is among the top penetration testing programs of the industry and is an excellent way to boost your career in cyber security.

Who should get the ECSA certification?

The ECSA is for those cyber security professionals that are passionate about securing an organization by infiltrating one’s security walls to detect vulnerabilities.

Who can get the ECSA certification?

To be able to earn the Certified Security Analyst certification, you must have at least 2-years of work experience in the information security domain or attend an official EC-Council training course.

ASTA are an approved reseller of EC-Council cyber security courses. All our courses are delivered through ilearn which is a self-study environment which delivers a modern training experience.

Tips for the day of the exam

  1. Ensure that you are carrying all the right documentation with you.
  2. Make sure you have spoken with your ASTA mentor to answer any last minute queries.
  3. Make sure you have covered all the relevant content as provided through iLearn.

Tips while attempting the ECSA exam

It is always recommended to keep an eye on the time when attending any exam. However, here are a couple of ways you can divide your time to ensure maximum results:

Step 1:

There are 150 questions in the exam. Quickly scan through the paper and answer the ones whose answer you are positive of, setting aside the rest for later. Make sure that you do not spend more than one minute when answering a question, regardless of how tough it may seem. Remember, you can always come back to it later.

Step 2:

By spending a minute on each question (150 minutes), you have used less than three hours for your first run-through of the paper. With 90 minutes left on the clock, you can now attempt those questions you ranked “tough,” giving them an additional minute, two minutes each.

Step 3:

Assuming that you had 30 under the “tough” category, you now have 30 minutes left to do a quick scan through of the whole paper, to ensure that you have answered all the questions.