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24 September 2020
security training - live webinars

ASTA Training are offering live webinars and online training courses to help security professionals like you gain new skills and build upon existing knowledge.

As the UK prepares for the next stage in fighting the spread of Covid-19, more areas across the UK are now under local lockdown restrictions. The Government have just announced further measures in the hope of avoiding another nationwide lockdown.

In the meantime, we are continuing to offer industry leading security training courses to individuals and businesses in the safest and most accessible way.

Many of our courses are already available online, with on-demand e-learning sessions you can complete at your own pace.

We’re also offering live virtual classrooms for our learners. We have focussed on facilitating and excellent learning experience using the latest webinar technology.

The Benefits of Live Webinars with ASTA Training

A Modern Way to Improve Your Knowledge

Whether you are new to the security industry or you’re a seasoned professional, you and your team will need relevant, up-to-date skills and continuous improvement in order to meet your goals.

Our virtual training courses and live webinars can provide the relevant theory you need as a security professional, including:

  • How to identify assets and threats
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Maintaining security policies and procedures
  • Preventing information and data theft
  • Preventing violent or terror attacks
  • Minimising service disruption
  • Fraud prevention methods
  • Protecting the public from harm
  • Cyber Security
  • Getting started with Security Management

We have a range of training courses for security professionals that will help you hone your knowledge.

Security Skills are in High Demand Right Now

Unfortunately, criminals are devising new ways to scam, steal or commit crimes that affect businesses and individuals every single day. It’s up to security professionals and law enforcement to stay multiple steps ahead of them.

Professional security skills are in high demand right now. Criminals have even taken advantage of current global events as there has been an increase in online fraud, phishing and other online scams this year. There are hundreds of job vacancies for ethical hacker roles and information security officers on Indeed at the moment.

It’s not just cyber security skills that are in demand right now. Businesses also need physical security officers now more than ever.

No Need to Travel to Access our Training

Well, you do have to travel from your bedroom to your dining table, at the very least! Many of us are familiar with the routine of working from home by now.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a home office, or you’ve setup a makeshift work area at home, either way, the commute is definitely much quicker and less stressful.

For many professionals, traditional training courses and travelling go hand-in-hand. This is never ideal. After a long and potentially stressful journey, you may not be in the best frame of mind for learning.

Travelling to and from classroom-based courses is also an additional expense you must consider, but there are no travel expenses if you learn from home!

By choosing to learn online, you won’t need the hassle of catching public transport or getting yourself stuck in traffic on the way to the course.

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Webinars Allow you to Learn in your Own Safe Environment

When completing courses at home, you have the added benefit of learning in their own environment.

Forget about weak and tasteless tea and coffee, by staying at home you can brew your perfect cuppa before delving into a day of learning.

For some learners, going to a classroom-based session can be stressful and more difficult for them to learn effectively.

Take Part from Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Working or learning from home isn’t practical for everyone, as there are often a lot of distractions at home which may make it more difficult to focus.

If it’s safe to do so, and restrictions in your local area allow it, you can complete our courses from virtually anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Get Live Responses to Your Questions

During a live webinar or virtual classroom session, you’ll be able to interact with the trainers and presenters. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered live during the session.

Unlike a pre-recorded webinar where you’re left to your own devices, a virtual training session offers the same engagement and interaction that a physical training session would offer.

Network with Other Attendees

When participating in a live webinar, you’re also able to interact with other participants, so attending live training sessions is an opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry.

Attending training sessions has always been an excellent professional networking opportunity, and webinars are no exception.

Virtual Learning Allows you to be more Productive

If you’re hoping to develop your professional skills, but traditional classroom-based training is time-consuming then virtual training offers a practical alternative.

As you can participate from home, it is less disruptive to your current routines and workflows, which helps you stay productive and focussed.

Live Webinars Appeal to Different Learning Styles

Everyone learns in a different way. Some of us are able to absorb information by listening or reading, whereas others need something more visual. Webinars are able to meet different learning styles using interactive elements:

  • Slideshows
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Group problem solving

Interest-Free Funding Options available

Making a commitment to attend any training course is a big decision. Training usually requires a huge investment of your time and more importantly, your money.  We understand that cost is one of the largest barriers to accessing training.

We strive to make our training accessible to all individuals who have the ambition and drive to learn new skills. If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer affordable interest-free funding with ASTA Payment Plans. This will allow you to spread the cost of your training over monthly repayments.

Our dedicated team of consultants will create a tailor-made payment plan so you can invest in your future without the extra burden of financial worries.

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Upcoming Security Training Webinars

Our latest security training courses and webinars have been designed for individuals who want to develop their security knowledge through accredited professional development.

Each course has been carefully designed to increase the skills, knowledge and experience of security professionals and those that want to enter the security industry as a new career.

See our full range of training courses for security professionals

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