Information Security training has been a necessary part of organisations and business since they began. The need to protect information, data, brand reputation, the workforce, profits and trade secrets has been daily activity the value of which is often only recognised when something goes wrong. Every organisation or business will have some information protection measures in place, with most security protective measures being so normal that they are a simple part of our everyday lives. Being protective about plans, salaries, employee data, medical information and trade secrets are just such examples.

The explosion of social media has brought us to an age where there is a plethora of personal, private and business information available with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Information Security Training

Therefore Information Protection needs to be ever-changing, to adapt to changing threats, to changing needs and to our ever-changing world. Information Protection must continue to modernise to maintain its value and effectiveness. Those employed to advise on Information Protection need to keep up-to-date too. Qualifying through this programme is an excellent way to be a Modern Information Protection Professional and provides a perfect pathway to further Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Course Aim & Length

This Information Security training course has been designed for anyone wishing to gain a recognised Level 5 qualification in the subject of Information Security. If you already work in a security environment protecting information or are new to the sector this course will enable you to become a recognised Information Protection Professional.

Unlike other providers ASTA embraces different methods of delivery, including virtual classrooms, e-learning and face to face delivery. Our course designers, instructors and management are leading figures in the security and learning sectors, meaning you are guaranteed to receive the best training available. This recognised qualification course provides over 150 hours of taught content and will enable you to apply your new knowledge and qualification as a Modern Information Protection Professional.

What you will be Taught
This course will provide the most up-to-date knowledge and a complete understanding of Modern Information Protection and will greatly enhance your career opportunities within the security industry, whether you are a newcomer to security operations or an existing professional who wishes to enhance their professional development. The course consists of 8 Units with a minimum of 150 guided learning hours in total. It covers an understanding of what Modern Information Protection management entails, the main ways in which protecting information supports an organisation, how it addresses risk, current and emerging threats and the concept of modern information protection convergence.

Who Should Attend

This course is for those that wish to embark within a professional career as a security manager or you fall into the following categories:
• Gain a higher qualification in the subject of security management
• Those that wish to go onto a Degree or Master programme at university
• Combine with Physical Security and Security Management qualifications
• Continuing Professional Development
• Interest purposes


The Information Security Training course qualification approved by SFJ Awards through the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) is certified as: SFJ Level 5 Certificate for Information Protection Professionals. This 150 hour course split over 8 Units at Level 5 is the equivalent working level to that of a ‘Foundation Degree’ in the UK.


Past Student

A course designed to increase your knowledge in the subject through professional delivery and knowledgeable instructors.

ASTA Trainer

Corporate Quote

If your organisation is interested in this course then please contact our office to discuss delivery options.

ASTA Admin

Harry L

Very useful introductory course that gives you useful knowledge of the subject.
The learning platform works very well and staff at ASTA proved very useful in helping with any issues course related or more generally.

Harry L

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