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Welcome to the ASTA Kick Start Introduction to Physical Security Management course that provides a basic introduction to Physical Security Protection. The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of physical security protection. This includes an understanding of common physical security measures, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in physical security.

The course will provide the student with enough detail to understand the role of physical security in our world and in our lives. It will also demonstrate the possibilities of a rewarding and challenging career for those who decide to become physical security specialists. There are many physical security specialists at all levels throughout the business world, with responsibilities and work pressures commensurate with rewards.

The Purpose of Physical Security Protection is to be that part of a converged set of security and resilience measures focused on the protection of people, facilities, assets and data by the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include barriers, guarding, alarms, access control, CCTV and security furniture.

The Use of Physical Security Protection is normally evident for:

  • Building perimeters – Walls, fences and gates provide an initial barrier to external crime
  • Building structures – External doors and windows are designed to only allow authorised entry
  • Inside buildings – Access controls create the secure zones where authorised persons can work freely
  • Security furniture – Office furniture, such as safes and cabinets, provide additional security protection
  • Vulnerable points – Vulnerability can be protected by technical systems such as Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Alarm triggers – Indicators of a problem need to alert a response capability

The Role of Physical Security Specialists
Their role is to design and maintain the appropriate physical security protection measures needed. This requires the specialist to know:

  • What needs to be protected – where the owner of a valuable item requests the design of security measures
  • What the threats are – by understanding the types of criminal and criminal methods
  • Location – which means the area where the crime would be committed
  • What other protection measures are in-place – existing police patrols or other guarding forces
  • Available budget – a protective solution within the affordable budget of the owner
  • Aesthetics – solutions to be appropriate for the location and local environment
  • Regulations – where legal and regulatory standards have to be complied with


This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of what physical security protection is, the basic components of what physical security protection provides and how it adds to a safer world. What follows therefore is an understanding of:

  • Physical Security Protection – where we provide information and examples on how physical security aims to protect people, facilities, assets and data by the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems, which include barriers, guarding, alarms, access control, CCTV and security furniture
  • Physical Security Barriers – where we provide information and examples of external and internal barriers that aim to prevent unauthorised intrusion
  • Physical Security Technical Systems – where we provide information and examples of the technologies available for supporting physical barriers
  • Manned Guarding Services – where we provide information and examples of guarding capabilities, including door supervision, close protection and other forms of private security functions
  • Security Furniture and Locks – where we provide information and examples of security furniture, used to store items of value and the most common types of locking systems
  • Security Alarm Reactions – where we give examples of typical alarm reaction measures that follow an alarm activation
  • Physical Security Situation and Incident Management – where examples are given on the role a physical security specialist has in the event of a situation or incident
  • Physical Security Threats – where we provide information and examples of the common threats to the physical security of a business and the methods used to commit crimes
  • Security Convergence and Risk Reduction – where we explain the need for convergence of security functions to meet the converged threats of today. This includes the way that physical security can be a key factor to reduce security risks
  • Physical Security Protection as a Career – where we provide information and examples of a rewarding career path for specialists and professionals from college to retirement

Why This Course
Unlike other training companies our Kick Start courses are designed to provide a level of information that enables you to make informed decisions on the level and type of course you may wish to progress with (Try-Before-You-Buy). We also provide a discount on related qualification courses on final completion, so that you save money on chosen related courses from our portfolio.

The Qualification
This Kick Start Course provides you with an attendance certificate, which is also proof to claim your discount.

How it Works
By joining our Academy you will receive the following:

– Access to our Professional Dashboard
– Upto 5 hours of taught Professional e-learning course
– Downloadable PDF Factsheets
– Directed research guidance through Thinkpoints
– Access to Discounted courses


ASTA would like to help students to progress in their chosen career. All ASTA employees and our training SMEs are fully committed to, and active within, the security industry and the security profession. At the ASTA we aim to provide e-learning training courses for students, from college to retirement. We believe the security specialist and security professional should be qualified and they should keep modern through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Help with Employment

ASTA has developed a range of courses, and is continually producing more, that can provide industry and professionally recognised qualifications to students looking to start, or develop, a rewarding career. We are also well connected within the security recruitment business, particularly with world leaders in security officer recruitment, at all levels. These recruiters will be happy to help and advise on a security career.

Further Professional Training

ASTA offers an unprecedented range of security courses, at all levels that will suit the beginner, the specialist and the professional. All you need to know for a rewarding career in the security profession, is available within our courses. Some students will be new to the security world and some will be looking at a career change, in particular, if members of the military or police services are looking for top quality civilian qualifications, then ASTA should be your choice for professional training through e-learning.

The Security Profession

The security profession, worldwide, has a number of top quality institutes and associations that will be happy to provide help and assistance to any member. ASTA is proud to be a training provider endorsed by the Security Institute (SyI) in the UK and many employees of ASTA are Members, of the SyI. It is organisations like SyI that provide mentoring and guidance to all its membership and offer regular conference events that keep the security specialist and professional up to date with modern thinking. When a student enrols on an ASTA Level 5 course, we will pay a year’s subscription for their student membership of the Security Institute.

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A course designed to increase your knowledge in the subject through professional delivery and knowledgeable instructors.

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