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Welcome to the ASTA Kick Start Introduction to Security Management. The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of security management within a commercial business or organisation. This includes an understanding of the main functions of security, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in security management.

This Kick Start course is designed as a basic introduction to the specialist function of security management within a business. The course will provide the student with enough detail to understand the role of security management within the business world and also to demonstrate the possibilities of a rewarding and challenging career for those who decide to become a security management specialist. There are many security management specialists throughout the business world, from junior to senior positions, with responsibilities and work pressures that are commensurate with rewards.

Basic Security Management

Security Management is that part of a business where a converged set of security, resilience and fraud functions are managed and focussed on the protection of the business, its brand, employees, assets and data by the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems. The main aim of security management is to help make the business more successful. This can involve strategies that enhance confidence with shareholders, customers and stakeholders, through to preventing damage to the business brand, actual losses and business disruptions.

The Basic Tasks of Security Management
The business would expect its security management department to:

  • Identify Important Assets
  • Conduct Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Publish and Maintain Security Policies and Procedures
  • Prevent Information and Data Theft
  • Prevent Terrorist or Extremist Attack
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Minimise Service Disruption
  • Protect Employees

The Role of a Security Management Specialist

Is to ensure the business can be more successful and, at the same time, remain safe from harm. The main ways for a security management specialist to achieve this is through:

  • Identification of Threats
  • Assessment of Security, Fraud and Resilience Risks
  • Production and Implementation of Policies and Procedures
  • Setting a Security and Resilience Strategy and Culture
  • Providing Training and Awareness
  • Monitoring and Auditing Effectiveness
  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards
  • Investigations


This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of what security management is and the basic components of what security management provides. What follows therefore is an understanding of:

  • The Role of Security Management – where we explain the central functions of security within a business, what experts are needed and how to get the most efficient protection
  • The Basic Security Management Organisation Structure – where we explain how a centralised security management organisation can best support the business and their internal and external customers
  • Basic Physical Security Protection – where we provide information and examples of the function of physical security protection and the key physical barriers and technical systems used within a modern business
  • Basic Information Security – where we explain the importance of protecting business sensitive information, employee information and customer data as required by laws and good practice
  • Basic Cyber Security – where we explain the importance to prevent the unauthorised use of IT based systems
  • Basic Business Resilience and Crisis Management – where the separate but linked functions of resilience and crisis management are explained
  • Basic Fraud Prevention – where we explain the threat from fraud, corruption and counterfeiting, which is a growing problem for business markets across the world, causing brand damage and financial losses
  • Basic Investigations – where we give examples of the types of investigations conducted within a business to establish evidence of criminal activity, or wrongdoing
  • Executive and Employee Protection – where examples are given of the role of close protection operatives employed to protect employees and critical assets
  • Security Threat Awareness – where we provide examples of the range of common threats faced by a business today and explain the importance of threat assessments to keep the threat mitigation to a sensible level
  • Security Risk Awareness and Risk Reduction – where we explain the need for professional and certified risk assessment processes. This is particularly important for the employment of people in areas of high risk
  • Convergent Security – where we explain the importance of modern security convergence needed to successfully support the modern business

Why This Course
Unlike other training companies our Kick Start courses are designed to provide a level of information that enables you to make informed decisions on the level and type of course you may wish to progress with (Try-Before-You-Buy). We also provide a discount on related qualification courses on final completion, so that you save money on chosen related courses from our portfolio.

The Qualification
This Kick Start course provides you with an attendance certificate, which is also proof to claim your discount.

How it Works
By joining our Academy you will receive the following:

– Access to our Professional Dashboard
– Up to 5 hours of taught Professional e-learning course
– Downloadable PDF Factsheets
– Directed research guidance through Think Points
– Access to discounted courses


If you are interested in a career in security management then this course would be ideal for you as would provide provide in depth insight.

Further Professional Training

ASTA offers an unprecedented range of security courses, at all levels that will suit the beginner, the specialist and the professional. All you need to know for a rewarding career in the security profession, is available within our courses. Some students will be new to the security world and some will be looking at a career change, in particular, if members of the military or police services are looking for top quality civilian qualifications, then ASTA should be your choice for professional training through e-learning.

The Security Profession

The security profession, worldwide, has a number of top quality institutes and associations that will be happy to provide help and assistance to any member. ASTA is proud to be a training provider endorsed by the Security Institute (SyI) in the UK and many employees of the ASTA are Members, of the SyI. It is organisations like SyI that provide mentoring and guidance to all its membership and offer regular conference events that keep the security specialist and professional up to date with modern thinking. When a student enrols on an ASTA Level 5 course, we will pay a year’s subscription for their student membership of the Security Institute.

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A course designed to increase your knowledge in the subject through professional delivery and knowledgeable instructors.

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Very useful introductory course that gives you useful knowledge of the subject.
The learning platform works very well and staff at ASTA proved very useful in helping with any issues course related or more generally.

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