Protect against COVID-19 Phishing scams

26 March 2020

With the ongoing crisis that is COVID-19 we are all working hard to make changes to the way we operate to ensure business and life continuity, unfortunately so are the scammers and there have been an increase in phishing type scams related to COVID-19.

There have already been headlines about people all over the world being hit by Coronavirus related phishing attacks via emails, websites and fake news. It is imperative that all remain vigilant and capable of protecting themselves from such attacks.

Coronavirus related fraud increased by 400% in March, with most scams related to online shopping for face masks, hand sanitizer and other hygeine products. There are over 200 reports of Coronavirus themed phishing emails tricking people into opening malicious attachments stealing personal information.

The total loss has reached nearly £970,000 due to theft of details such as email addresses and passwords, banking details and personal identification information.

EC Council are offering 30 day free subscription to OhPhish to organisations to help protect their employees. It’s a small step but if it can help organisations and their staff protect against these Coronavirus type phishing scams then it’s a good step.

Contact a member of our team to see how you can access this free subscription to increase security awareness for staff and remote workers.

As always we wish everyone well through these fragile times.