Quality Assurance

ASTA by CTR Secure Services believes in providing the highest quality training solutions and this means commitment in gaining relevant and recognised certification and accreditation. As a quality training provider of high end solutions then we have acquired some of the leading standards and accreditations possible, these include:

We adhere to strict standards in terms of the qualifications we offer, the training centre and the staff and tutors that work within ASTA. We
are annually audited (internally and externally) to ensure the highest standards and to ensure we are a quality training provider. In terms of compliance, every programme delivered by ASTA has undergone intense scrutiny and approval to ensure our students and clients receive the best possible training.

We also partner with some of the worlds leading bodies in terms of accreditation and quality assurance, these include Industry Qualifications, Chartered International Institute of Crisis and Risk Management, Cyber Essentials and many more.