Security Training

Our range of security courses have been designed for individuals that want to develop their security knowledge through accredited professional development, with each course designed to increase the skills, knowledge and experience of security professionals and those that want to enter the security industry as a new career.

Course Enrolment Plan

Choosing to study for a course is a big decision. It often requires a huge investment of your time and more importantly, your money. We recognise that some individuals have the ambition, passion, and drive to study but not the finances, but with ‘ASTA Payment Plan’ this is now a thing of the past.

If funding your studies is causing concern, on selected courses we can offer you our ‘ASTA Payment plan’. This option puts you in control and removes any financial worries normally involved with funding your studies.

It’s an affordable and flexible interest-free solution that allows you to spread the cost of your course with a ‘pay as you go’ payment method. You simply purchase the course in units instead of purchasing the entire course upfront. Upon completing a unit you purchase the next when you are ready to do so. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of all units included in your chosen course.

Security Management Courses

Security Management

Enhance your role as a security supervisor or manager.
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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Learn more about our corporate training.
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Risk Management Courses

Risk Management

Build your knowledge in Risk Management and Business Continuity.
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Intelligence Operations Courses

Intelligence Operations

Develop your intelligence capability as an analyst and manager.
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All Security Courses

All courses

All Courses – View all our courses in one place.
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Information Security Courses

Information Security

Learn how to better protect information from a range of threats.
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Situational Awareness Courses

Situational Awareness

Develop your situational awareness skills and knowledge.
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Physical Security Courses

Physical Security

Enhance your knowledge as a physical security manager.
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Short Security Courses

Short Courses

Explore our range of security related short courses.
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