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This covert surveillance training has been designed to compliment previous surveillance training or used as an introduction to static surveillance, focusing on rural (CROPS training), urban and vehicle static observation posts.

Understanding the drills, procedures and planning required to conduct covert surveillance from a static location is paramount in any surveillance operation, especially when situated in rural and urban hides for an extended amount of time. The course will cover concealment, approach, routine, photography and planning, and is mainly practical in nature.

Covert surveillance is an important part of any investigation and one that can even be the start and end of a surveillance, by this we mean static surveillance may be the only part of an investigation or surveillance task that is necessary. Understanding the correct drills and procedures is critical in ensuring that any static OP is conducted without being compromised.

Covert surveillance requires planning, experience and professional training from a reputable company, static surveillance is just one aspect of covert surveillance along with mobile surveillance, foot surveillance and technical surveillance.

Rural OP Training

Rural OP training or CROPS training is an element of static surveillance and focuses on being able to plan, build and implement a rural observation post which could be subsurface or more of a hasty OP.


To provide the skills and knowledge to operate from a static observation post.

2 Days


The covert surveillance training is for those that wish to embark on a career in surveillance and intelligence, with the emphasis of conducting covert surveillance from Observation Posts (OP).


Classroom and field based


ASTA certified


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A course designed to increase your knowledge in the subject through professional delivery and knowledgeable instructors.

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If your organisation is interested in this course then please contact our office to discuss delivery options.

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Harry L

Very useful introductory course that gives you useful knowledge of the subject.
The learning platform works very well and staff at ASTA proved very useful in helping with any issues course related or more generally.

Harry L

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