The Story Behind ASTA Security Academy

11 June 2021

We thought we would take some time to highlight the history of ASTA, where it all began and what has been achieved since 2003. As with any company, ASTA has learnt, adapted and changed the way it operates over the years. However, the main driver has never changed, the desire to bring recognised and leading security training to market, on a global scale.

What market does ASTA cater for?

Our history has been in delivering training to security professionals, from the early days of delivering courses including Close Protection, Firearms, Advanced Driving and Surveillance, through to the modern courses we see today such as Level 5 Security Management and Level 3 Intelligence Analysis.

In addition to supporting individuals, we have invested heavily in corporate based training. Delivering various courses to support the development of skills and knowledge for these clients. Whether educating staff to keep safe whilst doing their job, through to designing and implementing leading video based training specific to the clients needs.

How did ASTA begin it’s journey?

ASTA is owned and operated by CTR Secure Services Ltd who are a leading security solutions provider operating in Europe, Middle East and Africa. CTR have safeguarded various clients since 1996 (limited since 2003) and continue to pioneer the way in which physical services and technology integrate to provide the highest levels of protection. Since inception the company have continually tried to challenge the normal and provide relevant, cost effective and class leading security solutions. With a history of working across various continents in a number of security and safety related roles, CTR have maintained the safety and security of people, assets and locations.

The main benefit of being owned and operated by CTR Secure Services is the experience and knowledge gained from security operations, with this knowledge being passed on through our training courses. CTR itself have trained various military and government organisations, including in the United States, Middle East and Africa.

Although CTR Secure Services was responsible for advanced security training since conception, ASTA itself was born to deliver training to a different market with the introduction of ‘softer skills’ training. The new website was created and a range of courses identified for both security professionals and organisations. Over the years, we have developed our delivery methods which now include Face to Face, E-learning, Online, and Virtual based delivery.

Quality Assurance

ASTA takes quality assurance seriously with many processes and procedures taken from the parent company (CTR). Over the years the company has achieved various organisational accreditations, including:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditation
  • ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Approved by SFJ Awards, QNUK and ProQual awarding bodies
  • ELCAS approved
  • Members of the Security Institute (Directors and Trainers)
  • Members of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association)
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign approved

We have partnered with leading awarding bodies to ensure that the qualifications we offer are nationally recognised, so that learners receive the highest return on their personal financial investment. We adhere to strict standards in terms of the qualifications we offer, the training centre and the staff and tutors that work within ASTA. We are annually audited (internally and externally) to ensure the highest standards and to ensure we are a quality training provider. In terms of compliance, every programme delivered by ASTA has undergone intense scrutiny and approval to ensure our students and clients receive the best possible training.

What does the future hold for ASTA?

ASTA is continually striving to bring beneficial changes to learning, whether in terms of qualification development and/or delivery methods. We are currently working on having more of our Level 5 courses transitioned to one of our new awarding bodies, this will provide nationally recognised training to our learners, along with current courses.

We are developing our internal video production capabilities, allowing us to create and implement relevant video based learning for current and new clients.

We are furthering our ‘Interactive Learning Environment’ by adding additional courses to this platform. The platform is a great way of bringing learners on similar courses together through social media interaction, group forums and video based learning. A new approach to learning in a way.

We continue to develop our staff with various members completing the Level 3 Certificate Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA), and Internal Quality Assurance training.


Everything we do is focused around bringing the best security related training to individuals and organisations alike.