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Welcome to the travel security course, millions of people travel every year on business or for pleasure, often to countries that have a high risk of crime and terrorism. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has developed the Know Before You Go (KBYG) programme to aid individuals or groups travelling abroad to remain safe. ASTA is partnered with CTR Secure Services who are approved by the FCO to promote its guidance on travel security awareness.

The course is broken down into easy modules that follow your journey from start to finish and focus on best practices to enable you to have a safe and secure trip. Each module will guide you through practical, effective steps for remaining safe, so that by the end of the course you will have an awareness of how potentially unsafe situations arise and a suite of planned responses to such situations, should they occur.


To enhance the knowledge of the candidate in terms of travel security and keeping safe whilst abroad.


This course has been designed for anyone that travels abroad on business or personal journeys. It is important to understand that not all countries pose a risk, but most countries do have internal security related risks that can be minimised through correct awareness training and planning. This course is for those that:

• Are business travellers
• Holidays
• Travellers
• Gap year students
• Working abroad (Ex-Pat)


ASTA Certified


This course is delivered via e-learning, with the support of a dedicated tutor. For optimal experience you will be required to have access to the following:

• A PC or Laptop running Windows XP and above, or a Mac running OSX
• Web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE9 is recommended), Google Chrome, Firefox 3 or above, or Safari. Cookies and JavaScript will also need to be enabled
• If you are using a tablet or smartphone, then applications can be downloaded to enable optimal delivery (these applications will be prompted by our system, when required)
• Internet connection speed of at least 256k, 3G or 4G, but we recommend over 1Mb

Assisted learning provides email/telephone support, plus online interaction with your tutor.


Module 1:Introduction –This module will introduce travel security and discusses the fundamentals of Why, What, When and Where travel security is needed.

Module 2:Journey Management – This module will discuss the reasons for travel and managing any permissions required for travel, this includes things to consider before you go, cultural awareness and specific do’s and don’t’s to be aware of and lastly how to travel safely.

Module 3.1:Security – This module focuses on security at the hotel, “Out and About” which we have titled “Be your own Bodyguard” and Transport Security.

Module 3.2:Awareness – This module focuses on developing situational awareness and an awareness of potential terrorist attacks and surveillance.

Module 3.3:Management – This module discusses how to best manage Incidents and also covers communications and navigation management.

Module 4:Evacuation – This module discusses crisis management and evacuation strategies, including equipment.

A course designed to increase your knowledge in the subject through professional delivery and knowledgeable instructors.

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If your organisation is interested in this course then please contact our office to discuss delivery options.

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